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This disclaimer is valid from January 1, 2015. It is for all people using http://2theworld.com "2theworld.com".

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Copyright Policy

Unless otherwise stated, 2theworld.com is the legal copyright owner of all the published content. Published content (text and photo) on 2theworld.com may not be used without prior permission.

2theworld.com ensures that the rightful owners of any third party content are identified before publication. If persons have the expression that their rights are harmed (e.g. consider themselves as the legal owner of specific content) in our publications, they can contact us at hello@2theworld.com.

Hold Harmless

2theworld.com will do its utmost regarding designing and maintaining the website. 2theworld.com does not provide any warranties about the functioning, accuracy, completeness and/or reliability of the any content published as well as the website itself. Under no circumstances will 2theworld.com be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this website, including the loss of data. 2theworld.com will not be liable if for any reason the website is unavailable at any time or for any period of time.

2theworld.com is not responsible for content published by third parties (e.g. a guest blog or comments). Under no circumstances will 2theworld.com be liable for any offensive, incorrect, incomplete or otherwise harmful content of third parties.

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Privacy Statement

By using 2theworld.com, it is possible that personal and/or contact details are collected. 2theworld.com collects name, email address and website (optional) when reacting to a blog post, and name and email address when filling in the contact form. To prevent misuse of spambots, we also collect the ip-address of the visitor when reacting on a blog post or filling in the contact form. Personal and/or contact information that is shared with 2theworld.com, will be kept private. 2theworld.com will never share your information with third parties, unless we are obliged to by the authorities. 2theworld.com is not responsible for the privacy practices of our advertisers, commenter's, or other users.

To keep track of our statistics, 2theworld.com makes use of Google Analytics. To comply to the European General Data Protection Regulation act, 2theworld.com has a Data Processing Agreement with Google in which is stated that all data regarding the use of 2theworld.com will be anonymized (data can not be traced back to the identity of individual visitors), no data will be shared with Google (including for the improvement of Google services, benchmarking, technical support or marketing purposes), there will be no use other Google services in combination with Google Analytics and the data will be stored with a maximum of 26 months.

If a user of 2theworld.com would like to see and/or delete the personal details collected by our website, they can send an email to: info@2theworld.com.


2theworld.com uses cookies (for examle to keep track of our statistics and to publish advertisments). 2theworld.com makes use of the following cookies:

Necessary cookies:

Necessary cookies help to make 2theworld.com usable by allowing basic functions. These cookies do not harm the privacy of our users and therefore do not require prior permission before using these cookies.

Tracking cookies:

2theworld.com uses cookies to keep track of the surfing behavior of our visitors. These cookies provide information about our visitors and how 2theworld.com is being used. This enables us to publish custom made content. In some situations, the data collected via tracking cookies is used to generate statistics about the use of 2theworld.com. This always implies general and/or average data, such as the number of visitors per month.

Marketing cookies:

2theworld.com displays advertisements via the Google Adsense Programma. Google Adsense and its advertisers make use of cookies that monitor the surfing behavior of users of 2theworld.com. This enables the use of personalised ads. When disabling marketing cookies, advertisements will still be displayed, however, they will not be personalised.

Sociale media cookies:

2theworld.com allows users to share content directly on their own social media (such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) if a user is logged-in to their social media account. To make this possible, 2theworld.com allows the use of specific cookies from these social media companies. Further information about these cookies and which personal data is collected via these cookies, can be found on the websites of these social media companies.

Changing your cookie settings:
Users of 2theworld.com can change their cookies settings in their browser (to deny or allow cookies from 2theworld.com). Also, information stored in cookies can be deleted via the settings in the browser.


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Reserve Rights

2theworld.com reserves the right to change the style, lay-out, content and/or focus of the website. 2theworld.com also reserves the right to edit, change, and/or delete any content, including those submitted by third parties (e.g. comments) as well as this 'disclaimer', without prior notification.